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It’s not just what we paint, but how we paint. We know that’s important to you. There are 3 stages to every interior painting job we do.

Planning Stage

If you’re like me, planning is critical especially when it comes to home interior painting.  As residential painters, we offer some help during this stage. First, we offer a no pressure free estimate. Understanding your price and staying within the budget is extremely important. And when you hire a home painter like us, we do everything we can to make sure you are 100% Satisfied!

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Secondly, we offer free color & product consultations for your interior painting needs. Picking the perfect color and the perfect sheen is not as easy as you would hope for. It’s a good thing that the professional painting contractors on our very own team & those at Sherwin-Williams have formed an alliance. As interior painters, we offer you a free color consultation and a free product consultation at your request. We’ll even order you some sample color cards (8.5” X 11”) for you to hang on your wall at absolutely no cost to you. Also, if you want to match a color already on the wall, no worries, we can do that too!

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And finally, scheduling the job completes the planning stage. We will work with your schedule & best optimize the perfect time to come & paint your home. Generally, we paint 2-3 rooms in a single day. There’s nothing more unsettling like having your furniture displaced & people in your home for a long time. So, we do our best to complete your interior painting job in a timely fashion! Call now for an interior house painting quote!


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Painting Stage

The Painting Stage is equally critical too. After all, we pride ourselves in hiring professional and quality painters for this very stage.

A beautiful painting job requires a lot of prep, & we treat your home like our home. As a result, we protect your floors, your furniture, & more. Switch plates, outlet covers, & vents are removed from the wall surface, & we fill in all dents, nail pops, and holes in the walls. In addition, we caulk all gaps & cracks in the trim, and we can repair any significant damage in drywall.

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Protecting floors and More!

Working in a neat & organized manner, we keep all our painting supplies on a leak-free drop cloth. And at the end of every day, we clean up. I know it’s simple, but a clean environment is critical to us. And we work hard to ensure that.

Perfecting Stage

The perfecting stage is our final step. We love working for a great review from every client we paint for. And that’s why we offer a 2-year warranty on every job. No questions asked, it’s a no hassle process. We tell all our customers, “Just call us if you notice anything that you would like touched up.”

By the time, you’re in this stage, if you have to call us, its like calling a friend. So whether you’re painting a small bedroom or whether you’re painting a big living room, give us a call or complete our online form. Our first step is a no pressure free estimate!

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